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It is defined as the search for a certain disease in an asymptomatic population, in this case it would be BREAST CANCER

In accordance with the criteria of the SEOM (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology)

Population screening, selective detection of the population screening or early diagnosis can be defined as the set of activities  applied to large, unselected populations, which aims to detect the disease before it manifests itself clinically and thus be able to start treatment early in order to improve the prognosis.

The effectiveness of screening has been clearly demonstrated in three types of cancer:

  1. breast cancer

  2. cervical cancer

  3. Colorectal cancer.

The benefit of a screening must be measured by the reduction in mortality.

It is important to bear in mind that a screening program carries costs  cheap

, psychological and social derived from the performance of diagnostic tests  unnecessary  by false positives and their psychological cost or lack of security of false negatives.

The relationship between cost and effectiveness  should be part of the evaluation of any screening program.

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