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  24H EMERGENCY (located doctor night).


Allergy: Dr. Angel. tailor.

Anesthesia: Drs:Angel .Gimeno. Maria .Korobkoff Rolf   Maria Luisa Rivera.

General Surgery: Dr. Jesus Rivera.

Plastic-aesthetic surgery: Dra.Aurora.Reig.

Dermatology :Dr.Luis.Vitaller

Endoscopy: Dr. Carlos.Urdaneta. Dra.Vanesa.Martinez.

Nursing: Raquel Rivera, Mila Lopez

Physiotherapy: Santiago Abrales. Danny Munoz. Alex Segui. Magda Olive, Juanvi Navalmoral.

Gynecology: Drs: Cristina Signes, Enrique Lebrero.Lutz Vetterlein

IVES: Drs: Enrique Lebrero, Dr Alvaro Civieta

General practitioners: Drs: Juan Salort. ILiana Martinez.Sergio Rivera.

Internal Medicine: Dr Joan Oltra.

Neurology: Dr Angel Mateu.

ENT (ENT): Dr. Ilone Kunze.

Podiatry:Lda Maca Such.

Psychology :Lda Raquel Rivera

Driver Recognition:

Traumatology: Dr. Xavier Czech

Radiology: General- Ultrasound - CT-RMN: Drs: Miguel Caldentey. Eric Nurberg

Urology: Dr.Manuel Amat.

Javea Medical Center



Trenc d´Alba Avenue 37.

03730-Javea (Spain).

SCHEDULE:  Monday Tuesday. Wednesday and  Friday from 9  at 1 p.m. Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

General Surgery: Dr Jesús Rivera.

Nursing: Raquel Rivera

Physiotherapy:  Esther Margalejo, Juanvi Navalmoral,  alex castelo

Gynecology:  . Dr. Cristina Signes

General Medicine: Drs: ,Iliana Martinez.Felix Diaz

Traumatology: Dr. Xavier Czech.


Analysis -General Radiology-Echography -Mammography.



Areas of Expertise
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