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Breast screening is an open debate, and there are positions that go from denialism ( Cochrane Study )  which is reorienting the European position in general" Breast screening with mammography does not reduce mortality and increases overtreatment, so its usefulness should be questioned¨ "

to the vision of, which recommends annual screening,

going through the vision of the SEOM (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology) that recommends doing mammograms every 2 years in the age group 50-69 years.

Due to this variability of opinions, Dénia Medical Center also has its own screening protocol, which we have been applying for more than 35 years.


Age of onset: 33-35 years: Only annual ultrasound, up to 40 years.
From the age of 40: Annual mammography and breast ultrasound every 6 months.
Until when? There is no termination date. Older women are also very important to our Society.

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