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Welcome to CEM CLINICS.  

We are a network of private polyclinics, with the characteristics of a family business, and without shareholding links with any of the large national / international health companies.

We have been growing and working for more than 20 years to offer a comprehensive service to our patients in a wide strip of the Levantine coast.

In 1992 we opened the Dénia Medical Center Hospital, becoming together with its founder Dr. Jesús Rivera Gutierrez the pioneers, in Spain and one of the first in Europe, of the so-called Major Ambulatory Surgery.

In 1997 we opened the Gandia Medical Center Hospital and the Javea, Calpe and Oliva Nova polyclinics.

In the year  2014,  We opened the Acuario Medical Center, the Bonito Hospital, in Beniarbeig.

In the year 2020 we decided  restructure the company to focus  our activity in the polyclinics .

Based on the experience gained , we have verified that the new private hospital management guidelines direct us  to making important decisions  to adapt to reality.

Our new health project  is based on outpatient care

We can well say that, after these years, we remain faithful to our initial philosophy: Innovation, proximity to patients and absolute dedication to them.

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