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Our Breast Unit began operating in 1983. We were, together with Dr. Pascual Molina de Gandia, and the IVO in Estrella de Valencia street, the pioneers in our Community, in the early diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

After more than 35 years of experience, we want to provide our patients with adequate and up-to-date information on the guidelines to follow in the early diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

European regulations establish a pattern  breast screening (only mammography every 2 years, starting between 45 and 50 years, and ending, all countries, at 70 years.) that they themselves have accepted its dubious effectiveness ( Cochrane Study) .

as has always been said  "information makes us free to be able to choose what is most suitable for each one of us".

There is an obvious fact "Breast Cancer" is increasing. 50 years ago one in 20 women was going to suffer a Ca de Mama. Currently we have passed  one in 7 women  .

Parallel to that reality also arises the light of  hope  that mortality from breast cancer has decreased. 50 years ago, the global survival of breast cancer

at 5 years it was 75% and today we have passed 90% .

The reason for the increased incidence is justified by the risk factors that are most studied today. The reason for the improvement in survival is clearly based on two pillars:

  • Early diagnostic.

  • Advances in the field of Oncology.

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